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Hi. I'm Joanna. Legal professional specialized in Blockchain and NFTs.
I help companies with new business ideas in this disruptive field.



I am a curious person who gets excited and inspired from observing and understanding new technologies and the potential for new business opportunities they bring.

I like to help companies understand and navigate the changing regulatory landscape and support them on their journey to build new products and services in the Web3 space. I hope to see a wider adoption of the blockchain technology and to support more adoption.

Do you have an NFT project you wish to launch, questions around how to navigate upcoming regulation or a licensing question on your mind? Do you wonder how you may use NFTs to reach a broader audience and engagement? I am always curious to exchange thoughts and happy to discuss collaboration opportunities.

I am also always happy to share my knowledge so if you have a speaking engagement in mind, I'd love to hear from you! I am always happy to participate on conferences and meetups to engage in industry relevant discussions. 



Recognised by Coinbase as a promising future Web3 professional and awarded a full scholarship to study the Master Degree in Blockchain and Crypto Currencies by the University of Nicosia


Navigating the Regulatory Turbulence of the Web3 Wave - x DMEXCO 2023

Navigating the Regulatory Turbulence of the Web3 Wave - x DMEXCO 2023

Companies require a compliant setup to harness the potential of blockchain technologies. As the digital realm progresses with the rise of the new web, the regulatory and tax landscapes are evolving at an unparalleled rate. What is already achievable, and where does Europe still face challenges? Delve into the latest regulatory responses to web3 technologies, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other decentralized applications (DApps). About Peter: Peter Grosskopf is co-founder and CTO of Unstoppable Finance GmbH, a Berlin-based company with a mission to enable access to decentralized finance applications (DeFi) for people around the world. Prior to that, he was CTO and Managing Director of Bรถrse Stuttgart Digital Exchange, the first regulated exchange for digital assets in Germany. Prior to that, he was CTO and co-founder of Solarisbank. Peter has a technology and entrepreneurial background. In 2008, he founded a software engineering consulting company focused on digitalization projects and grew it profitably to 30 employees. In 2014, he came to Berlin to join company builder Hitfoxgroup and Finleap as CTO with a focus on Fintech. Blockchain and decentralization have fascinated him since the end of 2016 and since then he has the vision to make decentralized banking a reality. About Stephan: Stephan is working at BaFin as Senior Officer in the department responsible for the supervision of financial market infrastructures (Central Securities Depositories, CSDs and Central Counterparties, CCPs) also being responsible for the DLT Pilot Regime team within BaFin. During the last seven years, Stephan had a specific focus on new technologies such as DLT, Blockchain and Cloud and the potential implications of these technologies applied to post-trade services (e.g. member of the ESMA DLT Pilot Regime working group). Furthermore, he contributed as seconded national expert to the work of the ECB in the fintech-team of DG-MIP analysing Blockchain and crypto-assets (in particular, project Stella phase II and related policy workstreams wrt crypto-assets). In addition, Stephan contributes as member of the CPMI-IOSCO Joint Working Group on Digital Innovation to the ongoing analysis of DLT, Blockchain and stablecoin arrangements in the context of the CPMI-IOSCO PFMIs. Finally, Stephan was involved internally in various legislative procedures such as the DLT Pilot Regime, MiCA and the German Electronic Securities Act. About Florian: Florian S. Zawodsky has been part of EY's National Tax Office in Berlin since 2015. He did his doctorate at the University of Mannheim on digital platforms and related VAT issues. As a founding member, he is an integral part of EYโ€™s crypto tax working group. He is the author of numerous publications in academically renowned journals, lecturer and speaker at international events (NFT.NYC 2022/2023, 74th Congress of the International Fiscal Association, DMEXCO). He actively serves several clients related to crypto assets, in particular NFTs. In addition to the focus on crypto topics, he advises clients on VAT, excise tax and customs issues. Other focal points of our work are sustainability issues and reporting obligations, in particular the reporting and due diligence obligations within the framework of DAC7/DAC8. About Joanna: Joanna has over 6 years of working experience from various tech companies. She ventured into blockchain about 2.5 years ago when she joined a blockchain protocol as legal counsel. Currently she holds the position as General Counsel for World of Women, one of the premier women-led projects in the NFT ecosystem. In 2022 she was also identified as a next generation of leaders in the crypto currency industry, and awarded a full scholarship by Coinbase to attend the MSc program in Blockchain and Digital Currency offered by the University of Nicosia. ----------------------------- Be part of the 2024: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on X (formerly Twitter): Follow us on Instagram:
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